We are Sports For Future!

We are athletes, sport clubs and associations, fans and supporters.

We want to use the unifying power of sports to tackle the challenges of the climate crisis together.

We support the demands of the "Fridays For Future" movement and of those who also use the findings of international science as a basis for action - for the preservation of our livelihoods, which are also a precondition for our health, and consequently, the ability to do sports.

Understanding the change in a positive way: for new opportunities and a future worth living. For that matter, we are committed to putting forward the team spirit and to show solidarity. Social cohesion is the basis for our co-existence, even in difficult times. We represent a fair, respectful and fact-oriented culture of debate regarding questions of the future and other key issues.

Our board:
Stefan Wagner (chairman)
Claudia Fischer (2nd chairman)
Barbara Wagner (treasurer)

Our agenda
  • To gather the sport:

    by submitting the statement

  • To position ourselves:
    • for a rational, science-based implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement
    • for a liveable future for the youth and subsequent generations
    • for a fair, respectful culture of debate
    • for solidarity and a social team spirit
  • Challenge the sport: what are goals? Where are best cases?
  • Combining forces: function as ambassador, support through voluntary donations and support memberships
  • Promoting projects: implementing climate protection, strengthening sustainability and our democracy
  • Increase know-how: scientific co-operations with the Cologne Business School, the Klima Arena and other educational institutions
  • Strengthen sustainability: project and campaign announcements
  • Start projects: linking sport offers for children and adolescents to learning levels such as "sustainability", "democracy", "climate protection"

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