To become active!

We are experiencing a fundamental change in society. People start to ask questions. Those questions appear to be centred around one topic: How will our future be like?

The climate crisis is not a temporary or a political issue. It is an existential problem and the solution lays in our own responsibility. The scientific findings are clear: we need to become active. Now. Sports take on a midfielder position in society, but are not yet on the field on this issue. We want to change that.

We invite every athlete, every fan, every team, every club and every federation to join the Sports For Future initiative.

Sport unites billions of people: athletes and fans, amateurs and professionals, young and old. Likewise, sports and nature belong together. In the end, sport is based on the natural abilities of each one of us.

Standing up for the preservation of our livelihoods should therefore be a natural consequence to each and every sportsperson - also and precisely because the mass movement of sports is part of the system that causes the climate crisis.

We want to vouch for a secure future that is liveable for our children and future generations. Therefore, we support initiatives such as the "Fridays for Future" movement and its scientifically based demands for a consistent national and global fight against global warming.

As athletes, we know that the community is more important than the individual. We show solidarity and unity across any border that has separated us in sporting competitions.

In this spirit, we are an active part of this vital social task.

We are: Sports For Future.

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