2020 Sustainability Leaders Congress

„Our goal with the 2020 sustainability leaders congress is providing a platform for Sustainability and CSR professionals to enable their organization to grow sustainably as part of a restorative element of our ecosystem and become a positive contributor to a changing world.“

Reds go green with sustainability partnership

"Liverpool FC is taking action to further reduce its food waste and deliver on its sustainability goals via a new partnership with Iugis in Europe and Australia."

TSG Hoffenheim - The ecological Bundesliga team

With this documentation, the Bundesliga team and co-initiator from Sports for Future TSG Hoffenheim gives many examples of how to deal with the climate crisis as a great club. For instance, Hoffenheim wins the energy through woodchips and sawdust from regrowing and carbon-neutral materials, they use collected rainwater to water the field and to flush the toilets or they produce autograph cards, posters and printing products from recycled grass cuttings.

The Sky Group commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2030

The Sky Group announced on 4th February 2020 its intention to reduce its carbon footprint to net zero carbon emissions by 2030. This goal includes the emissions caused by the Sky product users, the Sky suppliers worldwide and the own business.

Tokyo’s plan to make 2020 the ‘green Olympics’

Japan has big goals concerning sustainability and climate protection during the Olympic Games in 2020. The Word Economic Forum published a sustainability concept for the Olympics in Tokyo which respect nature and humans equally.