Cooperation between the Development and Climate Alliance and Sports for Future

Even if the Corona-pandemic currently dominates the news: Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Heat records, droughts and floods are increasing. Especially developing and emerging countries suffer greatly from the consequences of climate change, even though the majority of historical emissions can be traced back to the industrialized nations.

To encounter the global challenges climate change imposes, unusual social alliances are demanded. A cooperation between the foundation Development and Climate Alliance and the association Sports for Future e.V. was formed to present the campaign “Sports4Trees“.

German Development Minister Gerd Müller said: “Sports for Future is a great initiative that shows: Do not wait, start yourself. 22 million athletes have already gathered under the umbrella of Sports for Future. Many of them are already taking part in saving the environment by making sports clubs climate-neutral, supporting reforestation projects or offering sustainable fan articles. I hope that we can inspire many more sports enthusiasts to support development and climate protection.“

The fDevelopment and Climate Alliance continues the work of the alliance, which was founded by the German Federal Minister in 2018. The alliance mobilizes non-governmental engagement for the promotion of development and international climate protection through voluntary CO2 compensation.

Stefan Wagner founded the initiative Sports for Future in July 2019. His goal was to use the unifying power of sports to encounter the challenges of the climate crisis together with athletes, sports clubs and sports associations. Co-initiators were TSG Hoffenheim, Werder Bremen, VfL Osnabrück, Deutsche Sportjugend, Global United e.V. as well as athletes like Fabian Hambüchen und Anni Friesinger-Postma. Meanwhile, Sport for Future counts more than 250 supporter - most recently the national hockey teams and the German Football Association joined - which all together represent more than 22 million athletes

With the support of the Dietmar Hopp foundation, Sports for future could already initiate its first projects. Dietmar Hopp said: “We can still avert an environmental crisis. It is our task to protect this planet for the following generations. I was immediately excited about the idea of using Sports For Future and the possibilities of sport in order to win as many people as possible to tackle the climate crisis - to turn many small impulses into one big one “

With the new reforestation campaign “Sports4Trees”, Sports for Future wants to show the possibilities of the sports community to contribute to necessary change The first tree-planting and education projects in Senegal, Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania and Kenya are already being implemented with partners such as myclimate, WWF and the Zenaga Foundation.

“People can easily get involved with climate protection in their everyday lives and support our reforestation projects: for example by spending the euro change at the cash register of their home club, where they can find sports4trees donation boxes, by purchasing an online climate ticket like the one TSG Hoffenheim already offers, by organizing charity runs and much more. Clubs or sporting events can also use the campaign as a vehicle to climate neutrality, "says Stefan Wagner, who also emphasizes:" For all of this we need a strong network of supporters.“

The Development and Climate Alliance is an important partner to further offers for companies, institutions and clubs,: “We mobilize high quality projects in developing and emerging countries, which will promote development and climate protection on site“,says Peter Renner, chairman of the foundation.

Examples of implementation of the Development and Climate Alliance are plenty: from sustainable forestry in the Amazon region, over biogas production from residues in Honduras, to the renewal of the tropical rainforest in Uganda. 2.5 million ton CO2 where compensated in 2019 by supporters of the alliance. This corresponds to the yearly CO2 emissions of 300.000 European citizens.

All interested parties have the opportunity to follow the conversation live on this page: https://allianz-entwicklung-klima.de/live

Further information about Sports4Trees: www.sports4trees.com as well as on social media channels Instagram and Facebook. #readysteadygrow

Statements Sports4Trees-supporter

See also video on: www.sports4trees.com

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, FC Bayern München:

“Environmental sustainability is an important topic for our club. We use natural resources sparingly. We try to avoid waste. Our vision is to offset our carbon footprint at home games by 2030. [...] Only united we can make a significant contribution to climate protection. “

Benjamin Folkmann, Deutsche Sportjugend:

“Together through sport [we want] to make a contribution to climate protection. With enthusiasm for a great cause with organized children and youth sports in Germany. "

Jörg Förster, Board of the General German University Sports Association:

“University sport in Germany can and wants to make a contribution to climate protection [...]. We are not only bringing our network of 202 member universities to the table, but will also put future events in the context of Sports4Trees. We look forward to be a part of a strong alliance for our common future. "

Dr. Peter Görlich, executive Director TSG Hoffenheim:

“Our climate ticket is [...] a proven medium [for climate protection]. We have already planted 25,000 trees in Uganda [...]. It's about OUR FUTURE.

Boris Herrmann, Team Malizia,a current participant of the Vendée Globe:

"We started to set up a mangrove park in the Philippines together with Mama Earth and our goal is to plant a million mangroves here by the end of the Vendée Globe, and thanks to your help we are getting much closer to this goal.“

Torsten Weber, Cologne Business School (Science partner):

“We support Sports4Trees through scientistic analysis ans studies.”

Ralf Kröger, Board Grün-Weiß Mühlen:

“Our small village association focuses entirely on youth work. Because that is our future. But our future also needs a clean climate. […] We have a hundredth anniversary next year. A hundred years - a hundred trees. This is our action. This is just a small start and there is still a lot to do. "

Nike Lorenz, National hockey player:

“As athletes, we support Sports4Trees. Together through sport [we want to] make a contribution to climate protection. “

Marc Lampe, executive Director Butterfly-Store Berlin:

“[...] As a first step we and other table tennis stores will install tree money boxes at our cash registers to enable our customers to participate in this great reforestation project. Teamspirit is for athletes of most importance. Together we can do it! “

Michael Walther, water extreme athlete:

“With my zero emissions project and the whole network, I’m supporting Sports4Trees. [...] Let's do this! "