Dietmar Hopp verdeutlicht Sonderrolle des Sports in der Gesellschaft in Bezug auf den Klimawandel

In a special feature on sustainability by FOCUS Online, guest author Dietmar Hopp draws attention to the hot topic of climate change and the responsibility of sports as a socially integrated institution.

According to Hopp, this applies above all to commercial sports: "The goal must therefore be not to define success solely in terms of the league position, but to always bring it into balance with those for whom we are practicing this sport: Fans, society and future generations, whom we want to win over as fans and whom we must help protect at the same time."

Dietmar Hopp goes on to call for the Bundesliga to be climate-neutral or climate-positive in a few years' time.

We support this goal with Sports for Future and want to further promote awareness for climate protection, not only in soccer.

The complete article by Dietmar Hopp in Focus can be found here

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