Spendenübergabe von 91.615 Euro an den WWF

We were

Sebastian Tripp and Stefan Wagner

able to hand over a check of 91,615 euros to WWF Germany today! An incredible sum, which was made possible by donations from numerous supporters over the last few months.
As a sports community, we are pleased to have already made possible over 30,000 tree plantings in the ecologically important Chepalungu Forest reforestation project in Kenya in cooperation with WWF and the local people.

"On behalf of the entire WWF, we would like to express our sincere thanks for the great support of Sports For Future. We are very pleased to see how so much commitment has raised such an enormous amount of money, which we can use to make a huge difference in our reforestation project in Kenya. In the future, we look forward to further joint projects to bring Kenya's forests back to life."
(Sebastian Tripp, Managing Director Panda Fördergesellschaft für Umwelt mbH / Corporate Cooperation WWF Germany)

Many thanks to all supporters who made this donation possib

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