The Sky Group commits to net zero carbon emissions by 2030

The Sky Group announced on 4thFebruary 2020 its intention to reduce its carbon footprint to net zero carbon emissions by 2030. This goal includes the emissions caused by the Sky product users, the Sky suppliers worldwide and the own business.

Information about the company

The Sky Group´s plans are designed to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C and demonstrate in this way its engagement to support the business ambition of the United Nation´s Global Compact for 1,5°C. The Sky Group was the first global media company in the world becoming carbon neutral in 2006. Now, the Sky group is going one step further and is reducing the carbon footprint of the entire value chain to net zero emissions by 2030. The value chain includes emissions caused by direct business operations, but as well those of 11,000 suppliers and the product use of millions of Sky costumers. The Sky Group is converting its entire fleet of vehicles from zero emissions, products such as Sky Q are becoming even more efficient and the new studios, the Sky Studios Elstree, are becoming the world´s most sustainable production facilities, with all Sky Originals also being produced net carbon-free.

Inspire others to #GoZero

To inspire others to join #GoZero, Sky spreads the message through all channels and programming. The Sky Group has been committed to environmental protection for over a decade. With “Sky Rainforest” and “Sky Ocean Rescue”, Sky now wants to use its own channels to inform and explain to viewers how to reduce their own carbon footprint and join #GoZero. “Sky Ocean Rescue” will continue to work for the protection of the oceans. “Sky Ocean Ventures”, a £25 million investment fund, will continue to support innovations that will stop our ocean´s plastic pollution.