Tokyo’s plan to make 2020 the ‘green Olympics’

Japan has big goals concerning sustainability and climate protection during the Olympic Games in 2020. The Word Economic Forum published a sustainability concept for the Olympics in Tokyo which respect nature and humans equally.

  1. The Japanese team will wear kit made from recycled clothing.
  2. The podiums will feature recycled plastic donated by the public and collected from the ocean.
  3. The medals will be made from recycled electronics including 6.2 million used mobile phones.
  4. The Olympic torch will be made from recycled metal from Fukushima and the repurposing aluminum is used to shelter earthquake survivors.
  5. The athletes’ village plaza is built from reusable timber. That will be dismantled after the Games finish and used again.
  6. Organizers are encouraging residents and businesses to play a part by asking them to cover building walls with plants.
  7. Japan will offset all carbon emissions caused by the Games and wants to power the event with renewable energy.
  8. Japan wants the 2020 Games to be remembered as the “Reconstruction Olympics”.

Here you can find more information about the “Green Olympics”: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/10/tokyo-green-approach-2020-olympic-games?fbclid=IwAR0PRGJBIbymUdQusPS6ILcYme4DwQyZUbZFMbi4QEjuKdL65bPI9ztQYUk